Preparing to move


Step I: 
Contact us as early as possible (6-8 weeks in advance) as soon as you know you are planning to move and arrange a free viewing date. This is the opportunity to discuss all the details of the move with our experts, such as dismantling and re-assembling furniture, packaging options, insurance, methods of payment etc.

Step II: 
We send you a detailed written offer for the costs of the move.

Step III: 
Having checked the details of the offer we request you confirm the accuracy of the details and place an order for execution. We then set the exact dates for packaging and transport immediately.

Step IV: 
If there are certain things (washing, clothing, household utensils) you would prefer to pack yourself, we can also provide you with the necessary packaging material.

Tip: start packing 1 – 2 weeks before you are due to move.

Step V: 
Put all important documents (passport, plane tickets) and valuables (watches, jewellery) to one side approximately 5 days before the move to ensure they are not accidentally packed away.

Step VI: 
2-3 days before the move we request you call your appointed removals expert.

Step VII: 
Today’s the day you move! Go through all the details with our expert on site. Once packaging and loading has been completed, go through all rooms with our expert once again to ensure nothing has been forgotten or accidentally loaded.