A hot tip for cold cargo

We have been serving the market with thermologistics solutions for over 35 years for the ranges +2°C to +7°C and +12°C to +18°C


Today we are one of the leading full-service logistics providers for the foods and branded goods trades and industries in Austria.


Transport logistics
We provide temperature controlled transport for general cargo in Austria and throughout Europe with run times of 24 / 48 hours. Our strength lies in close cooperation with regional food freshness experts combined with the benefits of our own chill and freeze fleet.

  • 100 % coverage in Austria
  • Daily deliveries to commercial traders in the whole of Austria
  • Dispatch according to agreed times and venues / regular trading times agreed with customer
  • Benefits from economies of scale
  • Temperature ranges: +0°-7° and +13°-18°




Storage logistics
Our excellent knowledge of this industry has also led many branded goods businesses to rely on our storage logistics services as we provide additional benefits according to customer needs. Storage and selection draw on the advantages of barcode technology. This guarantees a large degree of accuracy.

  • Custom designed quality management
  • Shelf life controls
  • HACCP concepts
  • Batch tracing
  • EDI solutions for trade and industry