Customs services – incoming/outgoing


Moving from Austria to another country:
Allow us to deal with the customs formalities and to help you compile an inventory list. The bureaucratic documentation required can vary greatly from destination to destination. Contact us! We’re always happy to help.

Moving from another EU country:
In general, if you are moving within the EU you are not required to pay extra taxes or deal with any special formalities for your property and possessions. However, if you are registering your car in the country you will be subject to the standard charges required by the relevant authorities.

Moving from a non-EU country:
When importing goods into the EU it is normally expected that import duties are paid. Certain objects and goods can be imported free of charge. This means it is not necessary to pay customs or import turnover taxes!

What items can be transported free of customs charges?
Which other conditions must be satisfied to qualify for exemption?
How can the contents of the move be imported without taxes and duties?
Which forms and documents are required for tax and duty exempted imports?
Which limits and bans exist on imports?
Need to know more about 3rd party insurance for vehicles with a foreign registration?